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IMGP9224We recommend 100 g of triangular baklava HAVUCH identified by our customers as “traditional Bulgarian baklava” that brings back memories from the recent past. But we are also looking towards the future, as we can offer over 20 types of baklava bearing poetic names – The Bundle of the Bride, The Eye of the Bird, The Lips of Dilber, Shobiet, The Ring of the Sultan, The Mayor’s Baklava, with almond, with orange, with fig, even syruped with milk and so on; some of them you will not find even in the homeland of baklava – Turkey. Of course, each is made from manually rolled sheets and bears the authentic signature of our masters

In the hot summer days, our recommendation is to serve baklava with a ball of white ice cream, and in the winter – with a ball of whipped cream.


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